Maryann Hesse

Location: Prescott, Arizona, United States

Level 2 Teacher

About Maryann Hesse

Maryann Hesse is a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher and EnWaken™ Energy Mentor who teaches women how to uncover and awaken into their soul’s calling. She teaches them to stand fully in their feminine power to activate their heart’s desire.

Having acquired the habit early on of giving her power away, she numbed herself so completely to avoid feeling her pain, that she literally lost her health. Abuse of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, work, exercise and shopping, among other things, nearly ended her life. It took 5 years of relentless healing work and learning how to listen to her body to recover.

Maryann Hesse is a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher, EnWaken™ Energy Specialist, and Subconscious Release practitioner who teaches women how to successfully navigate all the phases of a breakup and move on to find the deep, lasting love they long for without spending years in talk therapy.

“I’ve been through numerous breakups including a divorce and 2 broken engagements, as well as way too many romantic living together “entanglements” and often had a very difficult time disengaging completely from my latest ex. Complete and healthy closure was not often forthcoming.

Now I teach women how to dis-entangle, completely, in a healthy way, dissolve the subconscious patterns that keep you attracting the same type of man/situation, and be able to magnetize that conscious, sexy partner you’ve always wanted.

Maryann is a contributing author in two books: Empowered Voices: True Stories by Awakened Women and Tender Voices: True Stories by Women on a Journey of Love.

Her work will change your life and the ripple effect will change the world!

To learn more and schedule your Free 30-minute Empowered Breakup session: These are available in person, by phone or via zoom.

For current schedule of classes, both on and offline or to join her Empowered Breakup Lifeline email: or c/t 641-919-0643.


What women are saying:

“Practicing being in my own authentic feminine power allowed me to quickly make good decisions as I went about looking for the love of my life. I didn’t keep seeing a man because he had potential. That used to land me in relationships that were not healthy for me. Now I OWN my Feminine Power and am in a fabulous and healthy relationship that makes me smile every day.” – Gayle



“Maryann communicates from the depth of her experience.  She immediately made it okay for me to feel what I was feeling.  I got crystal clarity about my situation and learned how to shift the energy when dealing with my ex.  This has allowed me, with practice, to handle the ‘fallout’ of a difficult breakup.

I really see that you can do all kinds of work on yourself, but until the energy is cleared, you are in danger of getting easily drawn back into past relationship dramas.

Breaking up is hard to do.  I am so grateful for Maryann’s gift of healing and skilled knowledge that allowed me to endure and get to the other side where I can feel relief from the pain.  People like her are rare.

I highly recommend you give yourself the Gift of working with Maryann and cleaning up the energy of a broken relationship, so you can move on without dragging old baggage with you.” – J.L.



Working with Maryann I was able to trust myself again and set healthy, effective boundaries with my ex. He had been showing up unexpectedly and being verbally abusive to me in front of our 6-year old son.

With the techniques I learned and now practice, I am able to stay calm and centered and in my own power, no matter what he says and does. I can now respond in the moment rather than worrying in advance when there is a meeting coming up that involves him.

This work changed my life!”  Kristine Seager, NLP Practitioner



“In my first session with Maryann, I came away feeling lighter and stronger than I had in a long time, and so empowered. Using the practices she taught me I’ve been able to be in the presence of my ex and stand firmly in my Power. No more going weak in the knees and going back and forth between breakup and back together.

Recently I saw him at a party. He was with another woman and I was able to have a civil conversation with them both, and felt totally calm and at ease.  It was wonderful!  In gratitude” – L.S., Holistic Health Coach



While going through a horrendous divorce, with 4 kids “in play”, I worked with Maryann to become unshakable and stand squarely in my own power. I was able to say what I wanted to say for years, hold out for the settlement that I deserved, and have complete closure within myself.

It’s been over a year now and I’m going forward in an amazing healthy relationship, thanks to being able to clear my subconscious blocks and truly own who I am.

And, my dream of speaking onstage recently came true. My ‘presence’ was finally noticed thanks to the practices I’m using from Maryann’s teachings and I have my own business that is flourishing.

I highly recommend working with Maryann if you are having a challenging divorce. I came full circle–from breakup to breakthrough to bliss–and I KNOW that it has made all the difference in having harmonious relationships with my kids.”J.M., Integrated Wellness practitioner


To learn more and schedule your Free Heart’s Desire Discovery session

She is available in person, via phone, Skype or Zoom.

For current schedule of Activate Your Heart’s Desire and Art of Feminine Presence classes, Global Sisterhood circles, and Spiritual Response Therapy sessions email: or c/t 641-919-0643



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