Marla Press

Location: Superior, Colorado, United States

Level 2 Teacher

About Marla Press

Together we can ignite fiery passion and support each other to attract all that we desire. Join me for mind-blowing transformation…overcome your limiting beliefs, be fully in your body and power center, discover new passions and magnetically attract them. Experience more energy and joy, no matter where you are now. Be seen, be heard, inspire change.

Marla has a degree in psychology with years of graduate level study. She is a certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and has also developed experiential psychological exercises and movement therapies. Marla has been a Practice Management Consultant in the medical field and has been a Gender, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant. Marla is the author of The Emotional Roller Coaster Series which includes books on surviving when your kids leave home, losing weight, and your relationship with money.


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