Marie Wilkinson

Location: Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

Level 2 Teacher

About Marie Wilkinson

Marie Wilkinson lives in the small coastal city of Busselton, in the south west of Western Australia. Her genius is assisting everyday women, like herself, to empower themselves to make intuitive, life enhancing choices. Her expertise emerges out of her own integrity and self worth, her vast lived experience and her own personal journey. This has resulted in a remarkable depth of personal clarity and an intuitive sensitivity to others. Her commitment to women to move forward into living their own uniqueness and embodying high self-worth is second to none. Marie believes every woman is a multi-faceted diamond and Marie’s “power tools” for supporting women to uncover the diamond within include: Art of Feminine Presence™ (Registered teacher) High Nutrition & Enjoyable movement (2 x Ironman, 2 x Half Ironman) Sea Sponge Art created with acrylic paints on canvas (Cert 3 Visual Arts) Conscious Beauty – wardrobe makeover and style guide Marie shows women how to ignite their inner beauty, unleash their creativity and express their multi-faceted natures.


Please contact Marie for details.


Please contact Marie for details.

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