Louise Geary

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Level 1 Teacher

About Louise Geary

My greatest joy comes from enabling positive change in a woman’s life by giving her the practical tools to heal herself. When a woman connects to her own inner strength and radiance, she can heal her relationships, her work and her community.” – Louise.

Louise is a licensed teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence TM, a Massage Therapist, and a Reiki practitioner. Her background in nursing helped in her life as a healer, a mother and caregiver. Helping both her children to grow, learn and love life to the fullest, she developed an appreciation of the deep human need for caring, conscious, connected community.

As caregiver, mother and therapist, Louise forgot to care for herself and became exhausted and unhappy. Illness loomed and she was pushed to make a change. Her intense desire to heal and grow helped her unearth her inner strength and radiance. This recognition of her personal need for healing and community led her to the Art of Feminine Presence TM. In this work, she learned how to love herself as an authentic, joyful and beautiful woman and now loves to share this with other women.

To find out more about Louise Geary and her work, contact her at louise.mark@optusnet.com.au or phone 0423968112

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