Lois Kniss

Location: Richmond, Virginia, United States

Level 1 Teacher

About Lois Kniss

Lois helps women who have done much inner work but still feel pulled in all directions to know and trust themselves so they can shine.  Her passion is for women to experience living in harmony with their whole being.

She brings a wide range of experience to her work, including growing up in India and traveling extensively, working as a mediator, piano teacher and nurse, as well as being on her own healing path for many years.  She homeschooled her now-adult children, often considering them to be among her best teachers!

Lois supports women both through Feminine Presence classes and 1:1 Soul Gardening™ transformational coaching.  Her dream is for women to blossom and shine as they bring their unique gifts into the world in loving and powerful ways.

She is a Licensed Level 1 Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence™ and a certified Divine Navigation® coach.  www.Soul-Gardening.com


Please contact Lois about her five-week Feminine Presence classes in Richmond VA.

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