Kim Hall

Location: South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Level 1 Teacher

About Kim Hall

Kim is the creator of Inspire 2 Succeed series for Wom’yin’. She is wired to teach women 2 Step Up, Stand Up and Show Up being the best they can be embracing life from the heart of the “I Am”.

Her strategy beautifully blends the Art of Feminine Presence practices with the 7 Dynamic Directions of Success.

A quote she always remembers from a wise teacher: “Our Heart is our Sacred Gift (intuition) and the Mind it’s faithful servant”

She’s created womyin circles, retreat days & an online series that focus on trusting the intuitive gift & Ignite the Spark within to stay focused on the win!

Kim believes in herself, that there is more to this world than what we see, and anything is possible when we have focus on good energy.She thrives on seeing the light, the smile, and the growth that womyin experience when they honor & love their sacred gifts.

Her gift is sharing the Up in everything, she sees only the possibility 2 succeed. Her life long experiences of raising 3 amazing kids, one with ADHD has changed her life for the best.

She is a certified reboundologist, Young Living Feel Good Facilitator, Feingold Food Advocate/Speaker, Eco-Integrity Enthusiast & more! Her passion for setting kids up for success in the classroom has led 2 the creation of  Drum-A-Dance.


“I love to see the women walk into class, turn their lights on and spread their wings to fly home. Ahhhhh!”


Thank you for being present and reading about me, it would be great to connect & create on any of these topics.


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