Julie K. Crane

Location: Burley, Idaho, United States

Level 1 Teacher

About Julie K. Crane

Julie Crane is a powerful, transformation speaker and teacher. She is the owner and founder of Un~Raveling The Relationship Riddle, a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, REDI 4 Wholeness Practitioner, a Master Degree Registered Nurse Leader, a mom and glamma.

Julie invites you to join her and become part of a community of amazing women committed to their own individual journey to remembering wholeness. Here you will gain an understanding of your divine nature, connect and embrace your true feminine essence, heal past hurts and traumas, bring your gifts into fruition and step into the amazing and powerful woman that awaits.

Julie was trained for many years in the corporate world to produce results, think, and process as a man would. While she achieved success in the workplace, this counterfeit created havic both internally and within her relationships resulting in loss of life force and vitality. It is while seeking answers that she has been divinely guided to new understandings and purpose.

Julie is passionate about assisting both men and women to greater clarity in their lives and relationships, to step out of the twisted dystortion generated by comparison and competition and step into truth, gratitude, and connection while honoring both self and those of the opposite sex. Embracing YOU at the core of your divine true self, your divine gender, your complementary partner with your Creator.

Julie uses both an in-person and on-line platform for learning and is available to teach custom workshops around the country. Check out our website for current offerings and events, to sign up to receive our newsletter or follow our blog.


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