Julia Miles

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Level 2 Teacher

About Julia Miles

“Julia has enjoyed a diverse career in the corporate sector as a Communications and Stakeholder Manager, a Project Management Professional and a Change Manager in mostly heavy industry. Her experience in predominantly male-dominated work environments led her to believe she needed to compete and work like a man in order to gain recognition and respect. She mistakenly believed that being true to her feminine was weak and ineffective.
Juggling a busy career and family, Julia survived by relying on control traits that led to work and home stress-related issues. After supporting her family through a number of distressing events, Julia was feeling lost and lacking in confidence in her career and disconnected within her family. She was feeling invisible at work and did an Executive Presence Course for women. She followed all the exercises and activities and was still invisible – because they were strategies. Presence PRECEEDS strategy. Since doing AFP and learning these practices, her world has changed – for the better!!
Julia is now an NLP Coach and a certified Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) Teacher. This training challenged and shattered her previous concepts that feminine traits in the workplace were weak. She now consistently incorporates these practices in her home and work life and is reaping the rewards of improved relationships at home and more flows of abundance and confidence in her work.
Julia is passionate about sharing the AFP tools and practices with women who want to be respected and noticed in a bigger way, but struggle with putting themselves ‘out there’ to be seen. She empowers women with tools to guide them through life transitions, such as career changes, relationship breakdowns, empty nest issues, etc., to find their inner power and achieve their potential through these transformative practices.
She offers group workshops and ongoing classes as well as individual teaching and coaching sessions.


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