Jo Garner

Location: Cedar Crest, New Mexico, United States

Level 2 Teacher

About Jo Garner

I am a powerful transformational practitioner. I was groomed in the corporate world, attempting to use men’s tools. Through the Art of Feminine Presence, I have learned that when a woman follows her own inner guidance she can step into her full, powerful, authentic potential. I believe in myself, and that there is more to this world than what we see. And anything is possible when we have focus and allow. I will help you move out of your thinking mind into your body and heart. My gift is staying connected to my inner feminine power and sharing insight and truths with you.

I empower women to find more clarity in their lives and relationships. I bring the wisdom of ages to assist my clients in creating new spiritual and emotional habits that change their lives. Where they previously felt stress, lack of abundance, fear, sadness or hopelessness, they now experience more joy, self confidence,abundance, and vastly improved relationships.

I am a Level 2 certified teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence, providing personal coaching and intuitive energy therapy, as well as conducting workshops, yoga and meditation classes. If you are tired of always getting the same result in life, I would love to connect with you and help you create more desirable outcomes.

I am available in person, over the phone, on Skype or FaceTime.


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