Gabiria Brandimarte

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Level 1 Teacher

About Gabiria Brandimarte

Gabiria Brandimarte has 15 years professional experience working in the Fashion and Television industry. She has been a TV presenter and photo model in Milan, Tokyo, Munchen and Zurich walking the catwalks for many of the most prestigious fashion designers in the world. Following her modeling and television career, she became a successful seller in the Fashion business.

Consequently she became interested in the self-development genre and travels the world attending seminars by Byron Katie, Stephen Gilligan and other inspirational thinkers. She is a Certified NLP Trainer by John Grinder, co-creator of NLP, Carmen Bostic St Clair, co-creator of New Code NLP and Michael Carroll, Master NLP Trainer. She is also a Master NLP Practitioner certified by Richard Bandler, co- creator of NLP and a certified Hypnotherapist in the Milton Erickson method of Hypnosis.

Bringing together her skills as a professional woman in a highly competitive industry and her personal development training she is now teaching women in the Art of Feminine Presence.

Gabiria believes that finding our own grounded presence gives the possibility to relieve ourselves from stressful thoughts, sense of inadequacy, frustration and limiting beliefs of not being able to find a fulfilling relationship or be a successful woman in business.

Gabiria embodies the essence of what it means to be a woman and she loves to share these tools to all the women who want to be powerful and feminine.


Intro day and the 5 AFP classes – Please contact Gabiria if interested.

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