Dolores Lara

Location: Orange County, California, United States

Level 1 Teacher

About Dolores Lara

Dolores Lara has enjoyed a dynamic career, as a speaker, multi-office business owner, solo operator, and veteran executive recruiter, who has placed 1,000 professionals in her career.  Her success came, however, with great effort and sacrifice.  Dolores learned early in her male-dominated career that she needed to compete like a man, believing that being feminine was somehow weak and ineffective.  She was so wrong!  The ending of her three most serious (and highly tumultuous) relationships are proof of that.  Dolores competed with each and every one of her significant others, and each relationship ended in disaster.

Then, a couple of years ago, Dolores went way out of her comfort zone and attended a workshop called the Art of Feminine Presence.  It turned her inside out and showed her that she had a feminine shell over a masculine way of being.  Since then Dolores has practiced the exercises consistently and is now experiencing a new found passion for life and her career.  What she finds most surprising is that her current (previously highly tumultuous) relationship is now fantastic!  Dolores is such a fan that she became a licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher.

Through the Art of Feminine Presence body of work, Dolores can help you to rediscover your powerful and magnetic feminine essence—which gives women a radiant power.  Learn how you can be the person who lights up a crowded room when you walk in, and the one everyone wants to get to know—not the person nobody wants to talk to.  Quit pushing to make things happen.  Enhance your feminine essence and be in the flow of life, attracting what you want—more love, more support, more success, more money.

Dolores teaches classes, provides workshops, and does private coaching in Orange County, California.

Dolores also speaks about The Surprising Secret To Increasing Your Self-Confidence And Connection.  This subject covers how you can use your energy to become more confident and increase your ability to connect—no matter the situation.  Contact Dolores at to book her for speaking.


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