Carma Dos Santos

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Level 2 Teacher

About Carma Dos Santos

Carma Dos Santos is a Vedic Meditation teacher specializing in stress management and conscious development, helping people get out of their messy minds and into that quiet inner space, a place called home, where they can truly hear themselves with the use of a simple but powerful meditation technique.

Carma helps people manage and alleviate stress, anxiety and depression to create inner peace, calm and balance that brings immediate relief to the nervous system with life long benefits.

She weaves the ‘Art of Feminine Presence’ into her work, with the vision of ‘Switching the light on in each women’ to be a more present, fulfilled, happy and confident women on her personal growth journey. Arriving at a state of acceptance and presence, which allows her to effortlessly deal with the demands, challenges and pressures of daily life.


Thursday Evenings – 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Carma Meditation House, Mona Vale, Sydney


Please contact Carma for upcoming events.

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