Aprylisa Snyder

Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

Level 1 Teacher

About Aprylisa Snyder

Aprylisa Snyder, M.S. Ed, CBP, Rev, is an Alternative Holistic Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Matrix Consultant, and Come Home to You Coach. She serves clients around the world with a magical blend of holistic healing practices and consciousness technologies that get practical results for body, mind, spirit and business. As a healer and teacher she specializes in helping spiritually gifted women manage, hone and use their unique gifts to help others. As an Energy Matrix Consultant she works with Global Change Makers to influence positive outcomes for socially conscious businesses, including work with the United Nations and Global Social, Environmental and Health projects.

Come Home To You is a personal coaching program that helps spiritually minded professional women who are taking a leap into a new life after illness, career change, or relationship transition to reinvent themselves with more clarity, power and grace. Aprylisa combines her experience in International Corporate work, Consciousness Technologies, and AFP to help women navigate life’s tricky transitions and find their authentic center, gifts, and purpose in the world.



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Come Home to You Intro

Wise Woman Journey Hot Springs Retreat-  June 3 – 5, 2016


Come Home to You: A coaching program and series of classes and that are a unique blend of Consciousness Technologies, Personal Development, Spirituality, Art and AFP.

Come Home to You Intro

Come Home to You Workshops

Come Home to You Personal Coaching: Essential Skills for Life’s Tricky Transitions


Healing Skills

Reiki Levels 1 and 2, Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki Mastery Now: A Reiki Master’s Mentorship Program for Power, Presence and Prosperity

Spirit Atlas Works: The Body as Metaphor


Art Workshops for Women

Wise Woman Mask Making: Ceramic Sculpture and the Wise Woman Way

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