Ali Spiekhout

Location: Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Level 2 Teacher

About Ali Spiekhout

Ali is a licensed teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence®, a certified Heart-IQ coach and a NLP master. Since she was 24 she has worked with all kinds of people, helping them to find their happiness; in work, at school and in their private life. At the same time she herself was looking for how to be happy and enjoy life. She struggled with depression, had physical problems and experienced a burn-out. By following all kinds of trainings and coaching programs in personal growth she investigated what brings happiness and enjoyment of life.  Step by step she experienced what really works for her and for other people in order to enjoy life. She found that stepping  in her authentic  self;  being in her body and accept what  really is going on brings fulfillment and joy. Also she experienced that being fully in her body can be a big stretch. Then Ali discovered that the practices Rachel Jayne Groover teaches in the Art of Feminine presence were essential for her to step into her authentic female self. Through these practices Ali experienced that she became able to be fully in her body and feel  peaceful, strong, safe, open hearted  and grounded all at the same time.

“It is such a relief for me to be able to feel relaxed and confident in being fully myself. And as a bonus I notice when I am fully in my powerful female self I feel seen and heard and receive nice “presents”.  These practices of the Art of Feminine Presence are gold. It brought tears to my eyes when I experienced that practices this simple have such a big impact. All woman, both young and old, should know these practices. It’s life changing. When we women are in our authentic and powerful self we can have such an enjoyable time together. And even better:  we can also change the world into a better place.”


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