Maryann Hesse

Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States

Level 2 Teacher

About Maryann Hesse

What women are saying:

“Practicing being in my own authentic feminine power allow me to quickly make good decisions as I go about looking for the love of my life. I no longer keep seeing a man because he has potential. That used to land me in relationships that were not healthy for me. Now I OWN my Feminine Power and am not settling for less than I want and deserve.”  – Gayle

“The Art of Feminine Presence classes are very replenishing for me. I’m so grateful to reconnect with this space of empowerment within me. Because of past trauma I had a tendency to shut off this area of my body but now I’m able to embrace it and stay in my power and stay grounded in who I really am.”  – Anxhela


“After the Forgiving the Feminine work we did in the Art of Feminine Presence workshop, this is nothing short of a miracle. In my work I’m asked to travel with a woman who treats me badly. The week after our workshop I experienced a 180 degree shift in our interactions on a business trip. She started opening up and sharing details about her upbringing and I was filled with genuine compassion for her. My heart opened up to her. When we returned to the office it just got better, everyone around me, including this woman, is more agreeable, more light-hearted and the work environment is much more pleasant to be in. I actually LIKE working with her and look forward to going to work every day now that I’m in my Power appropriately.” – Renee


Art of Feminine Presence Intros

Saturday October 28 from 1:30 – 4p.m.

5808 W Lazy Heart St., Tuscon, AZ 85713


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