Josée Robitaille

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Level 1 Teacher

About Josée Robitaille

Josée Robitaille has been on a spiritual path for more than twenty years. She’s been exploring, experiencing and sharing with the women of her entourage and all those who have crossed/do cross her path. Being a nurse and a teacher has cracked her heart wide open, giving her skills to stand by you, walk with you, and encourage you to take that “extra step”. Why not?

Her motto/ Sa devise : “ Let’s try! What if…” The Art of Feminine Presence practices have allowed such a connection to her Feminine Power, through compassion and liberation, she has decided to teach and share all of it! Based in Montreal, a colorful melting pot of women (with French dressing), Josée is leading the way in building a far-reaching community of powerful and feminine women. Josée believes in the Blossoming of the Woman in each of us! Elle croit en l’Éclosion de la Femme en chacune de nous!


Classes: Groups in development in Montreal, Laval, North and South shores, East + West ends.  Contact Josée to join in or create a new group.

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