This is proof!
I shot this video from my closet out of desperation.
I was running out of time to get packed for our next grand adventure to Southern California, Australia, and Hawaii. I knew I wanted to release a new video, but I didn’t have a topic, I wasn’t made up, and literally had 15 minutes before I had to leave for my eyelash appointment to look gorgeous for the trip.
This window was the only time I had.
I shot it on the fly to prove something to those of us who suffer from the ‘Plague of Perfectionism.’ I wanted to make a clear statement that it’s not about being perfect— it’s about being compelling.
How can you become more compelling?
How can you get over the fear of perfectionism when you need to shoot a video or do something you need to do that you’ve been putting off?
How have we built a business that allows us do retreats in great locations around the world?
I cover all of this – in 8 minutes – from my closet.
Watch it here and then post below the video why you kept watching it. This is also a lesson in why people watch some videos longer than others.



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